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Preparing your project, managing the risks


Because fire safety is a complex and highly regulated field, Naos Ingenierie helps you from the very first stages of your project.


Our team analyses your risks and your means of protection in order to integrate fire safety effectively into your site. We offer you technical solutions, from the feasibility study through to validation by the inspection office.


  • Feasibility study,

  • Design and sizing of means of protection / technical study

  • Drawings and technical files,

  • Drafting of specifications,

  • Drawing up equipment specifications, drawing up intervention plans for temporary worksites

  • System programming


  • Technical diagnosis of protection systems,

  • Audit of fire regulations,

  • General fire safety audit with vulnerability analysis-

  • Site audit, measurements for new installations​


Making your site safer, delegating the monitoring of your equipment


Our regulatory and technical knowledge enables us to provide you with the best possible support in managing your fire safety. We are committed to supporting you in all circumstances. We monitor the installation of equipment on your sites, and we help you recover your level of productivity in the event of a disaster.


We provide you with expert advice and tailor-made recommendations to suit your business and your risks.

Project management assistance

  • Definition and implementation of risk reduction action plans (protective measures, preventive measures, organisational measures)

  • Managing and coordinating fire safety projects

  • Supervising the commissioning of installations

  • Attendance at safety commission/class office visits

  • Definition and implementation of a business continuity plan in the event of fire

  • Assistance with project management for ships or floating establishment in safety (definition of specifications, selection of service providers and suppliers, site monitoring, supervision, commissioning of equipment)

Periodic support

  • Periodic support for fire safety management (preparation for visits by the safety commission and class offices, etc.).

  • Missions of « Single Safety Officer »

  • Management, coordination and technical monitoring of a vessel or floating establishment

  • Recommendations for continuous improvement of fire safety, quality monitoring (APSAD rules R11/R6/R8)

  • Access to the electronic safety register


Choosing quality equipment and ensuring it works properly

Solutions Techniques

Fire safety is a major issue for the sustainability and stability of your business, so it's essential to invest in quality safety equipment and ensure it's working properly.

Naos Ingenierie helps you install, commission and maintain your safety equipment, so you can run your business with complete peace of mind. We also offer a sales and hire service for detection and extinguishing systems for your temporary security needs.

Temporary solutions for construction sites and events, Sale and rental, Installation and connection, Functional tests for acceptance, Commissioning of systems, Maintenance – MCO

  • Radio fire detection system

  • Wired fire detection system

  • Flood detection systems

  • Gas detection systems

  • Oil vapour detection systems

  • Lithium battery vapour detection systems

  • Technical alarms

  • Water extinguishing systems

  • Powder extinguishing systems

  • Gas extinguishing systems

  • Mobile equipment (extinguishers, SCBA, accessories, clothing, etc.)


Train your teams and make them aware of the risks


Naos Ingenierie raises awareness and trains you and your teams in fire safety, both on land and at sea. Our experts provide you with the knowledge you need to run your business smoothly. From the monitoring of fire safety installations by your technical teams to the management and analysis of fire risk, we are happy to shape and perfect your knowledge.

Fire risk management

  • Analysing and managing your fire risk, defining and monitoring your action plan

  • Organising and managing your establishment's safety register


  • Introduction to the maintenance of fire-fighting equipment on board a ship

  • Introduction to the various ways of protection available

  • Setting up and operating the temporary radio system

  • Operation of the flood detection system


  • Becoming a fire-safety-savvy port user

  • I work on board a floating establishment : first intervention/evacuation/alarms/man overboard

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