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The right course in fire safety

With its dual expertise in fire risks on board ships and in all land-based establishments, NAOS Ingénierie is the essential interface for implementing fire safety.

Founded by Stéphanie Basset in 2018 in Concarneau, Naos Ingénierie is a design and research office for tailored solutions.

Stéphanie's expertise in fire safety is based on extensive experience since 1998: equipment maintenance and installation, engineering, regulatory compliance, methodology and certification, commercial management and corporate strategy.

Constantly developing its knowledge, in 2018 she obtained INSSI Expert certification in fire and explosion risk analysis and management, associated with the CFPA Europe Fire Protection Management Cycle.


In 2023, Michaël Baud joined Naos Ingénierie as co-director. He strengthens the company's expertise and opens up new horizons.

With a shipbuilding background, he moved into the world of fire protection in 2004. These years of experience in the field, in France and abroad, have enabled him to develop solid skills at every stage of a project, from design to commissioning on board ships.

In 2021, he will obtain his technical certificate from the Institut Supérieur de la Sécurité Incendie INSSI and the CFPA Europe Fire Safety Technical Cycle.


With 25 years' combined experience, we understand the issues and risks faced by our customers. We are a small, highly adaptable and flexible organisation. Our network enables us to create reliable partnerships.

We are committed to our field, keeping a constant watch on technological and regulatory developments. We have the capacity to find solutions adapted to all types of situation.


A small and unique Breton company that intends to make its mark on blue growth.


Naos Ingenierie is devoted to its customers through an inclusive approach based on meeting their needs and adapting to their individual capabilities.

 We are committed to continuous improvement with regard to our employees, customers, partners and, more broadly, our economic and social environment.

Our social responsibility is defined by our voluntary contribution to the challenges of sustainable development. Our aspirations are geared towards a fair, liveable and viable business.


Stephanie Basset

Expert in fire risk analysis and management

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+33 (0)6 75 95 56 80

Michael Baud

Expert in technical solutions

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Listening, sharing, creating... Stephanie is three hundred percent committed to everything she does. Sporting, passionate about art and committed, she is contagiously optimistic. There's no danger with her - risk management has been her business for 20 years. From analysis to compliance, via procedures and team training, Stéphanie knows how to identify expectations and pass on her expertise and passions in an educational way.

« Second star to the right

and straight on till morning »

Peter Pan to Wendy

Coordinating, supervising, developing... it's in Michaël's DNA. Trained in electrical engineering, with 20 years' experience in studies and monitoring installations on board ships, he makes sure that all the lights are green. In both leisure activities and fire safety, this sailing and board sports enthusiast is a real coach.  He anticipates, helps to define requirements, studies the best options and orchestrates the implementation of projects.

« The one who steers by the star

will not look back »

Leonard de Vinci 

NAOS Ingenierie - 49 quai Emile Cormerais 44800 Saint-Herblain, France

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